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Four of five bylaw proposals fail

There were five bylaw proposals submitted in 2020 for the 2021 annual meeting. The requirement for any to pass is a ‘yes’ vote by 2/3 of the delegates present at the annual meeting.

Proposal #1 – The BOD shall not have spouse, domestic partner or immediate family member occupy BOD positions at the same time. FAILED
Proposal #2 – The association BOD shall meet quarterly in a regular session in each district at least once a year to conduct the business of the Association. FAILED
Proposal #3 – The Association Secretary shall be elected at an annual meeting by the delegates. FAILED
Proposal #4 – To reduce the number of the Board of Directors from 13 to 7 members. FAILED
Proposal #5 – This is a changing of words throughout the bylaws to allow for the use of Video Conference meetings or in some cases email to conduct business. PASSED


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